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Customer acquisition for startups, small and medium sized businesses can gain and retain customers

Our Focus

The key focus area of C4R is customer acquisition strategy i.e. we provide free business advice to help figure out different ways to acquire and retain customers. 

  Are you finding it tough to acquire your first set of paying customers?  Do you need small business advice wrt customer acquisition cost?  Is your start-up trying to find the right product-market fit? Does the new venture need expert business advice to pivot?  Is your business looking to jump to the next level of revenue?  Are you satisfied with your current sales systems and people performance?  Do you find hiring the right sales & marketing professionals challenging?  Are you seeking new methods of reaching your target customers?  Are you facing a challenge in retaining your customers?  Do you need new ideas to enhance your customer experience? 

Founder, C4R- customer acquisition expert

Our Founder & Chief Consultant

Consult4Revenue (C4R) is the brainchild of Ashish Vijh, a versatile IITian and ex-CEO. Ashish is a highly experienced business professional with a successful corporate track record spanning 25+ years over both services and manufacturing sectors. His rich experience includes leaderships assignments with the Times Group, Eli Global (USA), Airtel, Fortis Group and Tata Group. Ashish has lead diverse businesses such as eCommerce, healthcare technology, software, telecom services and mobile solutions. He has the experience of starting up new ventures, growing small businesses as well as turning them around. He is a proven Sales and Customer Acquisition (b2c and b2b) expert - digital, telephone (inside sales), field,

corporate and industrial sales, sales strategy, forecasting, recruitment, training, administration and team management.   

Free Consultation to help 1000 businesses acquire new customers and grow revenue

Our Mission & USP

In 5 years help at least 1000 businesses succeed by offering customized business advice and solutions for acquiring customers and growing revenue.   

We understand that each business is different from the other and accordingly engage with an open mind. We ask pointed questions and listen for insights. We also enjoy being a punching bag for bouncing off ideas. We happily participate in brainstorming. Our online/remote consultations are absolutely free. Yes, there is zero charge for having a meaningful discussion with us and generally up to one hour of free-flowing discussion is all that is mostly needed. However, if you are satisfied and wish to provide a recommendation, we will very grateful.  The bottom line is - 

We want you to succeed.   

Our Services - Audit, Advice, Action

  We engage with businesses to audit their sales strategy, structure, teams, systems, process and performance to identify areas of significant and unrealised potential. We guide and advise clients' with a comprehensive action plan and if required devise a framework to help execute the plan. Most business owners and leaders seek us out for:  

a. Sales Process Audit b. Communication Design c. Professional Sales Interviewer  

Our Clients

 We find it very fulfilling to talk to founders, CEOs and business leaders of start-ups and small and medium sized businesses.  Our clients come from varied industries including online businesses such as e-commerce, travel and offline businesses like coaching institutes, IT services, marketing agencies and even solar energy solutions and diagnostics labs.

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