Services - Audit, Advice, Action

Sales Process Audit - find your true Sales Potential

It is extremely difficult for a business owner or leader to know with any surety if they are selling as much they actually can. Sales target setting is an arbitrary exercise and target vs actuals is never a true indicator of unrealised and lost sales potential. Consult4revenue conducts an independent and comprehensive sales process audit by interviewing all the involved stakeholders irrespective of level and reviewing the relevant processes and systems. The sales process audit usually covers all departments of the organisation that can impact sales in a meaningful way. Post the audit, we digest all the information and assign a Sales Potential Score – a number which represents the unrealised/lost sales potential. An action plan outlining the areas of significant improvement with ways to close the identified gaps is drawn up. We also participate in helping execute the action plans through a project management framework so that the true sales potential can be achieved.  

Communication Design - say it right!

Whether you are leading a b2c or a b2b company, your customer communication is critical for your growth. A good sales pitch can be the difference between a good and bad sales person and his/her performance. The right content on your website can help you stand out from the ordinary and drive higher number of leads or sales. A smartly written email can be the difference in the success or failure of your campaign to generate interest. Your customer communication has a direct impact on your sales, your revenues and your growth. So while each business perhaps understands the need for effective communication not everyone has the resources or expertise to get it right. Consult4revenue has the expertise to understand your business and design communication that connects with your prospective customers. If you want a review and/ or re-design of any or all of your communication elements, we can help.  Alternatively, we can write fresh communication for your needs. 

Professional Sales Interviewer - use an expert!

Creating a high performing sales team that delivers consistently is a challenging task. Most organisations leave it to the Sales Manager to hire the sales executives and to the Sales leader to hire his or her Sales Managers and to the CEO to hire the Sales leader. Most recruiters do not have a consistent methodology for candidate selection. Also, most recruiters do not have any training to hire sales team members. It is no wonder then that most sales teams are a mix of high, low and average performers. While every business leader understands the criticality of getting the right people on board, there is very little effort to raise the success rate in recruiting high performer sales persons. Consult4revenue understands how critical sales person recruitment is to the success of an organisation and accordingly offers outside (unbiased) expertise in hiring the best people. The C4R Business Coach generally conducts the final interview and thus introducing a new expert layer to the recruitment process.